Address your lingering cyber security ailments at the Cyber Security Clinic. Join us for an expert led series of knowledge sharing and insight covering how you can identify, diagnose and cure even the most hidden cyber security ailment. You'll be surprised at what you discover.  

Session #3 OverviewAre you a Cyber Slacker?

Are you guilty of slacking when it comes to the Cyber Security services you offer? If so, it's time to tune into this webinar where you'll discover how to seamlessly get your whole team working as security experts, impressing clients with their skills and ability and driving new opportunities for your business!

There are many MSPs embracing the ongoing evolution of threats and bringing new services to clients. These MSPs are driving profitable new opportunities from the need for enhanced security understanding and services however, there are also those that are missing the boat.

Ready to deliver better Cyber Security Services?

Join the webinar Join the session to hear how ID Agent and RapidFire tools are supporting the sustained growth of MSPs with simple additions to their stack.

The Current Opportunity

A new Prospecting Tool

Understanding Vulnerabilities

Why your MSP needs to be on top of Security Services and the demands of the market right now.

How Dark Web Scanning can be used as a prospecting tool, gain interest, build value and highlight new services needed by your clients.

How RapidFire Tools provides the means for everyone to be able to understand client vulnerabilities.

We will show you why...

You'll see how to...

Dark Web ID is the leading dark web monitoring platform in the channel!

Dark Web ID provides a broad range of benefits for you and your customers at an unbeatable value. Sophisticated, analyst-validated dark web intelligence combined with cutting-edge live search capabilities enable you to identify your customers’ compromised or stolen data and close security gaps fast. We give you the edge that you need to differentiate your MSP from competitors by providing your clients with unmatched peace of mind and an exceptional customer experience.

Scan All Your Client Sites & Manage Them Through One Dashboard. 

VulScan by RapidFire Tools is a stand-alone internal and external scanning solution that can be integrated with other tools. It consists of a web-based client site management portal and licenses to set up one or more virtual network scanners at each site using our software and Hyper-V or VMWare.

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